The Council Giveth & The Council Taketh Away.

The argument as to whether Stan’s Cafe should apply to become an Educational Charity has swayed backwards and forwards for at least a decade. It is my understanding that one of the advantages of Charitable Status is that you get an 80% rebate on your Business Rates. As a Not-for-profit company limited by Guarantee we have thus far managed to gain a discretionary 80% rebate, but no more. We’ve just been told that – presumably to plug the council’s enormous spending black-hole – the council intend to collect the full 100%. As the Arts Team give so the Rates Team take away, maybe the could just take the payment on an internal contra basis and leave us out of the transaction entirely.

The birds have fallen silent. The seismograph is twitching. Is this is the first tremor of a financial earthquake to come?

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