Well after two years mac reopened today. Apparently there were queues at the doors for the opening at 10:00. We got there at 16:00 and the place was heaving. There were an enormous number of faces there familiar from the Birmingham Arts Scene, as you would hope and expect. In this way today was an great reunion, people with each other and people with a building/institution. There was even a sense that this was a reunion between people and the park, for many people said they had missed coming to the park, because without mac there as a base the park was that much less attractive.

There were exhibitions, participatory workshops and some performances, but ultimately it felt like an ‘open house’ event people just enjoying exploring their new venue. Everything seemed to be running smoothly, the weather pretty much held out and whilst the Cafe systems are clearly still a work in progress even here the new architecture, with views on the park, high ceiling and softened surroundings, has made a huge improvement.

Our hope now has this enthusiasm translates itself into ticket sales, that the new building, new staff and new attitude build a momentum so the huge efforts of the team that have made this hugely impressive rebuild a long term success. I did my small part buying tickets for Motionhouse on Friday and I See With My Eyes Closed (I know buying a ticket for your own show doesn’t really count but it is only half our show and the ticket wasn’t for me and I did pay full price).

There is a good early sign, tickets for I See With My Eyes Closed are already becoming thin on the ground. I think it is all the classical music types getting in early. COME ON THEATRE TYPES don’t let the musos push you out by being better organised than you are, BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

I’m sorry that became a bit of an advert at the end, but I am genuinely concerned that dedicated followers of all things Stan and Cafe my miss out by assuming they can do as they usually do and rock up at the last minute and buy a ticket on the door.

2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. You’re right there. Theatre goers used to rolling up to Talking Birds shows found themselves banging on closed doors for our opera because of a well mobilised music crowd. That and an unheard of five star review meant that absolutely no one we know clocked it. I have learned from this and have managed to sneak in a rare I See With My Eyes Closed ticket, as well as a top hat and some opera glasses.

  2. Well done sir, on all counts. I hope the top hat is of the sort that can be collapsed and sat on in order not to obscure the vision of those seated behind you. Unless that is you have purchased a back row ticket in order to be able to keep your top hat on during the performance. I surmise, from the mention of the opera glasses that this is the case.

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