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It’s probably getting tedious to read about but the BE Festival is shaping up to be really exciting here. The first two companies have just finished their tech set up, one delayed a bit getting out of Catalonia by industrial action. There’s by far the biggest lighting rig we’ve had in the venue set up. The bar is more glamorous and elaborately stocked than we had ever envisaged. Blanch and Shock are back and have had ten new sockets installed in order to power the amount of kitchen kit they’ve hired for all the festival participants (the food is going to be cheap and it’s going to be lovely and it’s served in the interval between shows). There are more sofas than ever. There are decks and vinyl.

It is shaping up to be the kind of festival we have always been in love with whilst performing abroad and always moaned on about not finding over here. BE here, honestly do come and tell everyone else to come as well. There are so many acts there’s bound to be something that grabs you, even if there isn’t the atmosphere will be so brilliant that won’t matter anyway. BE here.

I can rant on banging the drum like this because it’s not our thing.

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