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The history of It’s Your Film is littered with notable strangeness. Today this history was added to as a journalist came up from London on a train to see the show. She came, she saw it; all four and a half minutes of it. She loved it. She didn’t want to see it twice. She interviewed us. She was very pleasant. She refused all tea and coffee and she left.

Superficially it would seem a lot of effort to go to for just one person to see the show, but a good name check in The Times wouldn’t go amiss. It stokes up goodwill with the promoters and the press agents, which is also worthwhile. It gives us a chance to familiarize Jack with the show, which puts us ahead of the game further down the line. Crucially it also prompted us into digging out all the set and props and costumes and technical kit required to run the show. Ultimately it forced us to remember the thing.

The show isn’t notated and despite having performed it thousands of times, we struggled to remember it. After couple of stumbling attempts things started slotting into place and started to grow familiar but our guest turned up before it all felt right. We went with what we had. This evening a text came through from Craig – we/I had missed out ‘The Notes Scene’. It may only be five seconds long but that’s a fine scene and key to my character’s through-line Etc. how could I forget it? How unprofessional! We await a drubbing in the press.

2 thoughts on “IYF & The Times

  1. It’s The Detective’s second scene, he leafs through notes as the audience looks over his shoulder .

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