BE Gone

4am Northwood St

The party went on until dawn and beyond four but eventually the party had to stop. The first BE Festival came to an end on Sunday morning. The BE team, Blanch and Shock, Mick the tec, Charlotte & Craig, loads of people worked enormously hard making it happen and they were well rewarded. Loads of artists were there, they were met by big audiences and they all had a tremendous four days together.

Fingers crossed for…. next year?

5 thoughts on “BE Gone

  1. The shows I saw were a classic mix of bad, good, odd, and funny. It was also, though, given the nature of the event, a testament to the low key, yet nerves-of-steel Stan hosting. If there was ever a less queeny and hysterical company operating in the teeth of a storm I’d like to see it. I don’t know what the future of the AE Harris is, but the short years its had in this guise has been significant and unforgettable.

  2. It’s hard to put a value on the buzz that surrounded this Festival. Yes, the work was a real mix of good and mediocre, but you know what? I couldn’t care less. It was worth being there for the sense of gathering alone. People want to be in that space. And by space I mean the environment, as opportuned by BE through the longterm endeavours of Stan. Coming away in the small hours of Saturday morning, I kept thinking of mac – wondering whether this could’ve happened had mac not closed….but moreover, whether mac could ever find an equivalent. I wish, but somehow doubt it.

  3. The buzz, the excitement, the possibilities. I loved that fact that this was brought to life in Birmingham. The shows were a complete mix of terrible, funny, polished and heart-touching. Made me really thrilled to be a part of it (as an audience member)

    This couldn’t have happened in a polished, clean building – it wouldn’t have had the same buzz. I think Twitter and facebook helped create a buzz too. The world is changing….

    Well done the B-Team.

  4. It is as we had always envisaged it to be, MAC and @ A E Harris are complimentary spaces. No, the festival wouldn’t have worked so well there, but that’s probably not their job. It is however apt for them to commission a full production of the winning show, and this is surely part of what lured companies to the Festival. MAC have always been supportive of our venture because a thriving theatre scene helps us all.

    The BE Festival’s most encouraging aspect was the collaborations involved, us with the BE Team, MAC lending the dance floor, the Birmingham School of Acting providing workshop and rehearsal space. Volunteers helped out, people let actors stay in their houses, audiences showed up. That is officially a healthy set of factors.

    Next year it would be good to have a few local companies pitching themselves into the fray and a the thing would start to look complete.

    It’s also worth giving a shout out to Birmingham City Council. Their Small Festivals Grant provided some crucial seed money to the festival and I’m pretty sure Marketing Birmingham were prodding them in the back so well done them too.

    Next year anyone?

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