Lemons & Grapefruit


Things are out of kilter. At the venue our amp inexplicably goes up in smoke, The Black Maze batteries refuse to re-charge and in the Yarker household our lemons are bigger than our grapefruits.

2 thoughts on “Lemons & Grapefruit

  1. Sorry, I should have put a matchbox in the photo to provide scale. For reference the grapefruit IS unusually small AND the lemon is unusually large.

  2. AND this morning the relentless power pulled by the serious catering operation currently underway @ A E Harris finally burns through a serious fuse. The trips have remained on, a phone call directs us to the next fuse down the line, that’s fine. It’s only with the electrician on site that the NEXT fuse down the line is found to be the culprit. Meanwhile Blanche and Shock have hunkered down to some form of battlefield catering mode and are somehow still knocking out delicious looking grub.

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