Maze Mugshots


Things are rarely simple in our world. The Black Maze is going to spend four days parked up outside The National Theatre. It should be easy except: the batteries had died, so we had to replace them. It’s had to go to be checked out for mechanical safety and for the erratic tail-lift to be looked into. Some how we’ve got to get it back for the excellent Graham Calvert to give it a once over with his PAT test machine. We have to get the congestion charge paid and to avoid having to pay £200 per day Smokey Old Lorry Tax we’ve got to detonate some ‘Fairground Vehicle’ waiver, which involves taking photographs from all for sides, scanning the log book and sending it all to The Big Smoke.

All this at time when we’re asking if the old beast is a luxury we can really afford. I hope at least Judy Dench has a nose around inside to make it all worthwhile.

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