Bank Holiday Monday at my parents’ and a chance to catch up on some research reading for the new show. The question is whether to push on with Thomas Asbridge or revert to the Ladybird?

Meanwhile – research of a more direct form is cranking up for this Autumn’s various outings of Of All The People In All The World. Craig’s had the bonnet up on Stat Centre and it’s now running smoothly with a new engine so, if you come across any good human statistics feel free to submit them to the site.

2 thoughts on “Research

  1. That ladybird was my favourite. I can still remember the picture of him falling from his horse and anther with him in a cell. It’s the only history you’ll need.

  2. I’ve got that ladybird book too!
    I like it when he compares his big heavy sword, which can cut an iron bar, to this Turkish guy’s sword which can cut silk …

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