Some idiot has nicked a nut off the front axle of my new bike. I thought it happened outside our office in the Big Peg, but then I found the washer outside my house. Hopefully the thief will make a considerable fortune from selling it in a nearby pub.

Then I discover ‘Chubbz’ has helpfully written his/her name a sofa @ A E Harris in case we should ever forget they once graced us with their presence.

In the evening there is an extraordinary board meeting to mull over the relative merits of a 10% funding cut against at 25% funding cut.

The only up-side is that we’d nominated John Sloyan of A.E.Harris (Birmingham) Ltd. for recognition as an Arts Champion. The awards ceremony clashed with our board meeting and Ed Vazey the Minister for Culture was giving out the certificates so John was able to tell The Minister in person that we couldn’t attend because of his proposed cuts. To which he said “what a shame, all the more canapés for us!” (except of course he didn’t).

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