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A smooth get-in followed by a stressful show last night. Things slightly misfiring for some reason, possibly due to the presence of a reviewer (though hopefully not because the Arts Council Assessor is in tonight), such is the joy of improvisation! There were some good stretches but we anticipate better today and tomorrow. If you can’t come down then please do listen-in and contribute online, it really lifts the show to get a good stream of messages from the ‘outside’ world.

Bristol’s theatre scene is much talked and at the heart of the vibe is Theatre Bristol, a grouping of theatre makers supporting each other by contributing to their artistic community. The various strands of this enterprise are brought together at the Theatre Bristol website, which is well worth a look, not least as it currently carries a short, but excellent essay by Stan’s Cafe’s artistic director about how Tuning Out With Radio Z came to be made and how having a venue – @ A E Harris helped spark it all off.

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  1. I am glad to hear that it went well and just wanted to say that the fascinating essay was the showcase feature on the Theatre Bristol website and it was also linked in the weekly news letter. Good luck for Leeds

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