Death of a Maze


After nearly 11 Years loyal service we are about to say ‘farewell’ to The Black Maze. Originally commissioned by Birmingham City Council for its Revolution festival on 2nd & 3rd January, 2000, the piece proved popular in gallery settings.

In 2002 with some money from Arts Council England’s Touring Department we rebuilt the beast in the back of an old Post Office lorry and touring became easy. Though never cracking the Rural Touring scene as we had imagined, the lorry has visited numerous schools and toured extensively including long haul trips to Thessaloniki, Budapest and Montpelier.

Now, unfortunately the tail lift has blown up. Repairs are estimated at over £800, with road tax, MOT, servicing and insurance, overheads are starting to look intimidating. Profit margins from gigs are slim and there are now few gigs to be found. The era of subsidising this piece with profits from others is over. Unless we get a substantial offer very soon it looks it’s all over for this stalwart.

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