Last Bern Report

In a few hour times, we will turn off the music, fade out the lights, switch off the heaters and close the curtains of the ‘Hotdog’ stand. But until then, we are receiving many many more visitors on this last weekend here in Bern.

Few of them are revisiting Of All the People in All the World. One performer from the World version in Schutggart came by earlier and asked us to convey his hello to that team back in 2005. One visitor from that first world version came also and would have liked to have added the souvenir bag for the Bern 2011 to his collection. That’s an idea!

Some came back from the first weekend to see the changes, among them our landlady and a ‘grosspapi’ a granddad who took his grandchildren along the second time . One child from one of the 21 workshops we have done, came back with his mother and sister.

And many many more new visitors, all very interested, all thanking us for this work.

But before I hand over the key of the Reitschule, there is the ‘Finissage’, with a performance from a dancer who arrived from India 2 days ago. So there is a few more hours for more visitors…

Chris Dugrenier

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