Constance Construction

Excitement is building down @ A E Harris. A lot of blackout has gone up and the corridor set for The Cleansing of Constance Brown has been constructed. There’s little over a week to go now before the show is back in Brum for the first time in three years. There has been a lot of talk from people about coming to see the show, from people who loved it the first time around and want to catch it again and bring their friends and people who missed it the first time and welcome the change to finally see it, but is anyone actually getting round to buying any tickets? Well nearly 300 are gone, but that’s not nearly enough. We’re going to take a beating if people don’t follow through on their promises to buy tickets.

Following this experience I may take a pledge to always buy my theatre tickets in advance just to spare the nerves of the promoter awaiting their ‘walk-up’ audience.

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