Blue Peter Advertising.


Tune in to BBC1 at 4.30 tomorrow Tuesday 22nd March to see Stan’s Cafe on Blue Peter. A film crew came to @ A E Harris on Thursday to make a piece about the census using Of All The People In All The World as its basis. We recruited a team of excellent Year 6 students from Chad Vale School to help us. The BBC feature will be on the BBC iPlayer for a week and Mr. Sansom’s will be on Chad Vale TV considerably longer.

It will be interesting to see how much publicity accrues to Stan’s Cafe from the feature. I offered a banner we use to promote the show as a potential backdrop to my interview show, this was politely batted away with a reference to the BBC’s guidelines on advertising – fair enough. The following night watching the latter stages of the BBC’s coverage of Red Nose day I went and made a cup of tea whilst there ran a vast advertisement for a brand of crisps – fair enough?

A member of the Stan’s Cafe team has explored the guidelines on Blue Peter badges and still holds out hope they will receive one in the post: “Blue Peter badges are only awarded to Children aged 6 – 15 or adults who have appeared on the programme”.

2 thoughts on “Blue Peter Advertising.

  1. Brilliant! Similarly, a TBs project I ran in school where I worked with year 8 to redesign the school’s rather poor toilet facilities was featured on (no longer John Craven’s) Newsround once, but neither the company or myself got a mention! BBC Schmeebeecee (or something)

  2. That kind of thing is classic. The Regional ITV news came and filmed the set up for 24 Hour Scalextric. The final report then just said “somewhere in Birmingham a theatre company is running a 24 hour Scalextric race”. That’s not the deal is it – at least mention the company’s name! We’re not merely extruded meat to be fed into your media sausage machine.

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