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Four performances down twenty six to go. Getting The Cleansing of Constance Brown back up and running has been relatively smooth and stress free. Given the ten months that have elapsed since the last performance Monday brought surprisingly little confusion. Jake, recast within the show, is bringing a great fresh approach to ‘Andy’s Part’. This is the second time Jack has done ‘Jake’s Part’, but the first time he’s play opposite Jake being Andy – which has been a minor mind warp for both. Amy, who debuted for us doing ‘Heather’s Part’ in Home of the Wriggler is come on massively doing ‘Jan’s Part’ (which Alex did for so long) in this.

Amy prepared conscientiously and knew all the moves – the equivalent of knowing all the lines – before we started rehearsals but knowing the moves and knowing the part are two related but different things. Lots of the characters in ‘Jan’s Part’ are high status and most require a bold approach. Inevitably as someone just learning a part coming into a new group of people Amy started off tentatively, but with some guidance as to the logic behind her moves and a good number of notes about “owning the stage”, she had transformed her performance by the first performance and is now delivering some serious stuff.

In the wings Harry has taken over from Billy – who took over from Karen – as Stage Manager – for his sins. Arvo has reverted to being Arvo on lights, which is a relief. Nina is always Nina blasting her own brand of full-onness through the quadraphonics. Also in the wings Charlotte (Gregory-we have a lot of Charlottes in our lives) has her notebook out. Next week she is to Bernadette. For one day in the final week Graeme or Craig is to be Gerard whilst Chris is them – he’s already been both at different times – and Gerard is to be dancing in London at the South Bank.

Meanwhile Graeme Braidewood has taken another beautiful set of show snaps and posted some on The Facebook (sic.). Has anyone out there seen The Social Network? I’d love to – Aaron Sorkin is someone I admire very much because of many thing and despite Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. I’ve never wanted to see a film because of the screenplay writer before!

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