The Commentators TONIGHT.

Tune in to The Commentators between 18:00 tonight and 06:00 on Friday morning for live commentary on activities on Birmingham’s notorious/glorious Broad Street. This commentary has been commissioned by Fierce Festival and has been made technically possible by the good graces of Rhubarb Radio.

The Fierce Festival runs alongside Flatpack Festival until the end of the week there is plenty of great stuff to explore. On Friday night @ A E Harris plays host to Human Salvage and a project by EXYZT which involved a huge amount of furniture being built at our place.

One thought on “The Commentators TONIGHT.

  1. To the commentators… Sweet dreams… Mine were odd last night; I dreamt of a cat doing a hand brake turn on a quadbike while the bus 22 stopped by tikka tikka to get some cash… Disturbing…

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