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Today Craig and Jack were in Robin Hood Primary School working with the students on final arrangements before a big Scalextric track is built in the school hall on Wednesday. Meanwhile over at Wilnecote High School in Tamworth it was a teacher training day and I was having a fantastic time cooking up plans with teachers there.

The idea is simple. The teachers all worked with a member of Stan’s Cafe last term teaching their usual syllabus in a new way, this term they are going to extend their new philosophy but on their own, with just an initial conversation from me to help set them off in an exciting direction. I love the challenge and the discipline of it. We have to find a new way of delivering whatever their scheme of work says they have to teach next, it has to be done in the same amount of time that would normally be allocated to it and draw on no extra resources. We have one hour together to agree on the new approach.

So in consecutive ideas I helped develop plans to teach Classification in Biology, the topic Holidays in French, Athletics in P.E. and Slavery in History. I have all the fun of coming up with the ideas and none of the drag of actually having to deliver those ideas into practice, it’s a dream job, especially with teachers as enthused and enthusing as these.

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