It was tempting to relax in the warm evening air with friends beside the lake drinking a long cool German beer or two, but when you have a show on in a festival it is often tough to get to see other people’s shows in that festival. Here was a chance, I took it and glad I was.

Daniel Abreu
is a Spanish Dancer/Choreographer, his solo dance piece Perro is riveting, witty, flirtatious, charged with life. His limbs appear to be those of different people, he transforms into a stag, gravity shifts, his limbs blur, he is a horse perhaps, he is a hundred different people for an instant. The piece is stripped down and minimal for passages until he presses the accelerator and whirls into overdrive. There is poise and flare and acting. The lighting is simple, bold and effective; the music distant and seductive and not always in charge.

I loved it.

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