Closed Space

Open Space closed after a second day far more dynamic than the first. There was a gearing up, people were primed for action. You could hear plans sizzling around the room. Unlikely pairings suddenly made sense. Things clicked.

Closing the space everyone has a chance to speak, I made some notes while they did. “The energy was good… good to find other people trying to do the same thing as me… I’m not on my own any more… I feel fired up again… a generous spirit in the region… it’s been warm and good humoured… no moaning… no talk about funding… lots of positivity… great things came out of the last Open Space, I hope for the same again…” I think they will.

Photo Credit Graeme Braidwood (cropped harshly by me and technically of the start not the end – it was a bit more messy at the end)

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