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Whilst Simon is at a secure location in Leicestershire knocking out vinyl cutting instructions attention has turned in the office to Australian visas for the Autumn, website to hold the notes from the recent Open Space event, BE Festival opening next week and our impending trip to Buenos Aires with Of All The People In All The World (OATP).

Craig and I have been getting stuck into research for OATP. We have some historic statistics already translated into Spanish from earlier gigs in Spain but this is our first trip with the show to South America. Working in a new culture with a such a politically charged recent history makes it an exciting challenge. There is a lot of local suspicion of the National Statistics Office and loads of stuff is in a language we don’t speak, it is properly challenging but I love doing this research, I could happily spend weeks doing it.

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  1. Australian visas? Sigh. How massively exciting! I do hope Melbourne is on the cards. We can steer you towards the best pizzas in town and rally our pals for some hometown support!

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