Visiting the Toye Factory


When the Constance Brown lorry rolls up for unloading it’s always a good idea to have an urgent meeting booked elsewhere. Today, once the heavy lifting looked like it was about to start, I ran away round the corner to visit Toye, Kenning and Spencer. Various members of their team had come to our show (Constance as it happens) a few months ago, now it was my turn to see their show. It was impressive. They make all kinds of medals and cuff-links and ceremonial items. It was fascinating to see the processes they use, spotting cross-overs with some of work of A E Harris & Co. and learning more about the skill involved.

Downstairs there are a series of amazing spaces where thousands and thousands of die are stored ready to re-stamp some long forgotten item. Everyone was very friendly. There was plenty of food for thought. It’s good to get to know your neighbours.

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