Pilot after Holidays

We’re variously trying to claim holiday / claw back time owed in the next couple of weeks but Action Stations will be resumed for 11th August when we curate and host Pilot @ A. E. Harris. We have invited…

…a host of theatre companies from the West Midlands region and beyond to share with you their latest artistic doings in an early form. There is a mix of experienced and novice companies, addressing a broad spectrum of ideas, using a wide range of approaches and in the vast expanses of @ A E Harris, there is the chance for a couple of pieces to stretch themselves out.

Do come and see:

Hamfisted! (long established in Birmigham)
present an installation called Kaizen (Japanese for ‘Continuous Improvement’). Journey through its three small rooms, do not worry if you feel lost, take your time, instructions will be given.

Alex Brockie (down from The Potteries)
will show you scenes from his unfinished play The Inferno Kid, a dark comedy based on a true story about a disabled ex-wrestler from Wigan.

Heart of the Anchor (fresh out of Coventry)
explore a radical new science born of a disturbed brother and sister. Their stories grow stranger and perhaps start to reveal secrets of their close relationship *Citation needed.

Lou DeemY Productions (shiny new from Birmingham)
bring you material from their rich visual/physical show The Order of Disorder, a sensitive and moving account of a woman’s problems with anorexia.

Little Earthquake (a Birmingham company back from adventure)
use their performance The Year is Twenty-One to introduce you to Andrew. When he was born in 1968, everyone believed he was the child of Satan, but now, as all he wants to do is dance to Smash Hits Party 89, some people are having their doubts.

Rebekka Platt (an artist emerging out of Salford/Oldham)
will dance and tell you a story: ‘numiqtuqunipkaaq, unipkaaqtuq. Uqaqtuq Inuktitut unipkaaqtuq’. This is no typographical error, it’s Unipkaaqtuq

ALSO listen to / dance to the house band. Drink at the bar on the sofas. Discuss the art with the artists if you wish. Relax, it’s the summer, have fun.

Doors open @ A. E. Harris, 110 Northwood Street, Birmingham, B3 1SZ from 19:00 for Hamfisted! and the first stage action at 19:30. Tickets on the door £5 & (£4) cash only.

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