Dorothy Heathcote R.I.P.

Dorothy Heathcote is a huge name in Theatre In Education. I know very little of the theory behind this field of practice but even I had heard of her. She was a pioneer, recognizing that drama could be a powerful learning tool across education. In part her big idea was placing the learners – usually children – at the heart of situation, having to think creatively, acting the roles of others to see the world from their perspective, address problems they may face.

I will leave it there before I embarrass myself further with the shallowness of my knowledge. The point is, she died earlier in the month and I only found out about it today via an obituary in the Times Educational Supplement. She recently got an MBE but deserves a bit more recognition than that. Hopefully the broadsheets will step in with some beefy obituaries at the weekend.

Respect where it’s is due: Dorothy Heathcote.

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