We’re trying to set up a version of The Steps Series for Birmingham’s Parks, as a result today I met with Lee Southall who manages 100 of Birmingham’s 500 parks without admin support – a further eye-opening example of how deep the Council’s cuts are running. It was fascinating to get a glimpse into his world and the world of the City’s Parks.

Afterwards I sized up Handsworth Park (which in 2006 had £10M invested in it and is wonderful). I paid my first visit to Perry Park, which was tragically dilapidated but hosts the highly impressive Gymnastics and Martial Arts Centre alongside the High Performance Centre and Alexandra Stadium. Finally I got to Aston Park, which again has received investment and was looking beautiful even in the rain.
3 of 500: I’m not sure I’m up for turning this into a mission but it has certainly inspired me to try and visit a few more different parks.

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