We’re trying to book a UK tour of The Cardinals for 2012, it’s particularly tough going in the current economic climate so I have been sent off on the train to meet people. The email/phone pincer movement hasn’t been working so pressing the flesh seems like the only way. It’s been time consuming but rewarding and a good by-product today was six hours to read the monster (which I now LOVE).

2 thoughts on “Salesman

  1. Thought this might be of interest: “As part of the Remedies and Recipes series, on 11 and 12 November Observer science editor Robin McKie will be introducing A Feast to Cure Melancholy, an event which will investigate the intimate relationship between melancholy, diet and lifestyle. It will explore the relevance for 21st-century lives of Robert Burton’s 1621 work ‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’.”

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I hadn’t spotting this offer, but I had noticed that this event was happening (in fact you’ve trumped a future blog entry!).

    Key to that event are food designers Blanch and Shock who have been in the Stan’s Cafe orbit, working with both Kindle Theatre and BE Festival at our space, as well as collaborating with us on a schools project last year.

    I hope to get down there.

    Thanks again.

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