Better Names

Proof that you should never ever take your foot off the gas…

We had to move very fast with Michael Wolters to generate our submission for the New Music 20 x 12 commission. Time to work up a good name was limited and as we didn’t think our pitch had much hope of success, so our motivation was low. As a result we called it The Voyage, the dullest name in Stan’s Cafe history (though admittedly only marginally more dull than The Cardinals (a forthcoming entertaining show with a dull name) and The Ribbon (a possible future show with a dull name)).

Unfortunately, now the dullness is compounded. Now, not only is the name itself dull but it will be the SECOND TIME people will have come across a show in the Cultural Olympiad called The Voyage. We were too lazy, ours should at least have been The Voyage Of [a really good name] – then, rather than setting up a series of The Something shows we would have a set of The Something of Somebody Something shows.

I know, I should get back to worrying about things worthy of worry.

By the way the image above is promoting Motionhouse‘s forthcoming piece which I’m sure will be spectacular.
Our rather less glamorous production featuring people playing recorders is illustrated rather more prosaically and temporarily by one of Craig’s seascapes here.

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