Office Work

This is the quietest few months for Stan’s Cafe this century (don’t worry, the spring looks busy). This has allowed us to catch up in the office, drink a few hot drinks and move a few other things on a bit. Unfortunately the ‘moved on a bit’ isn’t moved on enough to announce yet.

3 thoughts on “Office Work

  1. Lovely stuff. Only had a look round the OATP but the additions are great. Especially Golden Boy Stephens portrait in Stuttgart. LA2 has a bad link btw. Look forward to seeing the rest of the site.

  2. Thanks Jake, I’ve withdrawn my ‘find a wormhole’ challenge as Simon Ford came straight away with about 100 errors. We’re working on them now.

  3. the office trinity may have the drinks spectrum covered but were you also aware that the newly printed staff calling cards reveal a secret colour regime?
    James is Captain Scarlet, Craig is Colonel Blue and Charlotte, of course …. Lady Penelope.

    Spectrum is Green!

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