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Eyes and ears open today: there will be features about I Like Theatre on BBC Midlands Today and the Lunchtime equivalent, plus an interview on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire. Satnam Rana to our scruffy (though tidier than usual) office late yesterday afternoon having shot footage at The Belgrade. She has been an interested and supportive journalist, keen to find Arts News stories and give them exposure. We could do with more like her.

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  1. Further to this… Satnam spoke about how her editor had to be persuaded that this was a news story not just a plug for The Belgrade’s current show. “Fair enough” I thought, but on reflection isn’t pretty much ever single story ever in the news about a film JUST A PLUG FOR A FILM? I refer you to the recent ‘news’ about a film about a former Prime Minister IT’S NOT NEWS.

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