The Cardinals @ Greenbelt


The Cardinals have pulled into Greenbelt – it is going to be interesting to see how their dramatisation of The Bible is received at this Christian Festival. The only certainty is the with the get-in, two performances and get-out within the next ten hours they’re going to be shattered.

3 thoughts on “The Cardinals @ Greenbelt

  1. Your show was one of the first things I saw at Greenbelt and remained a highlight – and there was plenty of competition from lots of other things on the programme. Immensely clever and thought-provoking with some great iconic imagery. Goodness knows how you ever came up with the idea!

  2. I agree with the above comment. The show was the first thing I saw at the festival and has really stuck in my mind. I need to see it again as there was so much to take in and process. Humorous, poignant, devastating, thought provoking, beautifully crafted visuals&acting- brilliant, thank you!

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