Melancholic Conference


What luxury: Warwick Arts Centre, clever people talking clearly and eloquently on specialist topics all of which you are interested in. After two weeks of self-taught Burton studies, today we contrived to be locked in a room with learned people sharing their thoughts and answering questions.

We showed a scratchy bit of stuff (Partition 1 – Section 1) and to conclude ended up jointly sketching some contemporary melancholies. Joining us we some students of history, theatre and literature plus some loyal audience members.

For those keen but absent Mr. Ward was also present with his kit. Echoes of today will bounce back to be heard here before too long.

2 thoughts on “Melancholic Conference

  1. A big thank you to everyone in Stan’s Cafe for the warm, open and welcoming inclusion offered to a mere theatre-going punter (myself that is!) in your mini-conference day at Warwick Art Centre. A big thank you too to all the wonderful speakers – it was a very interesting and intriguing event.

    Good luck with the project, I’ll be following your progress closely here and on your Facebook page and look forward to seeing the final polished product in March 2013 (which you won’t thank me for reminding you is only 104 days away!).

    Driving back to Wolverhampton in my car some lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s song Hejira kept repeating in my head
    “There’s comfort in melancholy. When there’s no need to explain. It’s just as natural as the weather in this moody sky today” and it occurred to me that while I quite enjoy my melancholy, I am distressed by my bouts of depression.

    Yours Kevin Porter

  2. Dear Kevin,

    Thank you for your kind message. You were very welcome, your presence was very much valued as it will be in March. Do tell us if you choose The Anatomy of Melancholy as your 100th book of 2012 – but maybe just wait and see the show.

    With best wishes


    PS: we’ll chase down the Joni Mitchell track. Thanks for the tip.

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