Theatre Fever

At last it is here, Theatre Fever, a fortnight in which we celebrate theatre made and performed in the West Midlands. There is always a lot happening on the region’s theatre scene but Theatre Fever has chosen to put the spotlight on this fortnight.

Gathered in its program is just a cross-section of the huge variety of theatre open to the public at any given time. For the most part it is a marketing exercise (our new show The Anatomy of Melancholy is part of our and Warwick Arts Centre’s contribution to the celebration), but there are also Holding Space commissions adding to the richness of possibilities open to audiences. To see everything that is highlighted as part of Theatre Fever visit this website. To see what elements we are hosting @ A E Harris visit this website.

Holding Space, which has commissioned a plethora of new shows and initiated Theatre Fever to help showcase them is a collaboration between us, Black Country Touring, Birmingham Rep., mac birmingham and Warwick Arts Centre. It has been an enormously extended processed characterized by goodwill and glacial slowness, followed by goodwill and manic speed. The initiative has been funded by Arts Council England and has been a real labour of love for all the Holding Space partners who have given their time for free. We hope everyone has a great sixteen day fortnight and gets to enjoy lots of good theatre.

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