More Intimacy Required

Photo of Little Earthquake’s The Year Is twenty-One courtesy of Pilot.

Tonight the Stan’s Cafe board of directors met (for the 65th time) and agreed a plan that has been brewing for a while but has been difficult to push to completion. We’re excited to announce that, as of mid-October, our venue @ A E Harris is going to focus on more intimate work. On that date we are releasing the bulk of the venue so that our landlords, the excellent A.E.Harris & Co. (Birmingham) Ltd. can expand their manufacturing output and we can concentrate more of our energies on our core business of welding together tip top theatre.

We are retaining our office, the courtyard, kitchen, toilets, storage space and the space known as Australia. Australia, like its name sake, is a spectacular and self contained territory, beloved by many, with more cultural cache than some (though not anyone reading this blog) might initially suppose (see Little Earthquake on both counts – their show The Year Is Twenty-One, rehearsed and performed in the ‘Australia’ room is pictured above – courtesy of Pilot).

The room will continue to host rehearsals for local independent theatre companies as well as public performances with a seating capacity of up to 50.

The final large scale show to be presented in the large version of @ A E Harris will be by Stan’s Cafe and will fulfill a promise made more than four and a half years ago at the venue’s official opening.

2 thoughts on “More Intimacy Required

  1. Australia being the rectangular bit with its own roller door near the gates?

    Sounds like a great plan btw!

    Vive la Cafe!

  2. That’s the one. It’s got good dimensions, we’re now looking at how we make it as useful as possible.

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