We’re pleased to say that tickets are now on public sale for our spectacular farewell to the BIG @ A E Harris venue.

In January 2009 at the venue’s official opening we invited people to return in December 2010 for a production of Götterdämmerung to mark the venue’s closure. It was the kind of crazy hostage to fortune we enjoy offering up. I suspect no one else will remember and that fewer than no one would expect us to keep such a crazy promise, but we remember and we like to try and keep our promises, so although the venue as endured an additional three years, here it is Twilightofthefreakingods.

It’s Götterdammerung without the music, or more correctly with different music. Nina West – composer for The Cleansing of Constance Brown, Ocean of Storms and Be Proud of Me – takes over from Wagner. It’s the same length as our recording of the opera (225 minutes), so we’re going to keep the bar open throughout, we’re going to mix raked and cabaret seating and encourage the audience to enjoy themselves choosing where to sit to watch what. We’re pulling it all together now. Please book some tickets in advance to encourage us in our crafting of this monster. Whatever happens it is certain to be an event about which you will always want to be able to say “and I was there”.

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