The Cast Pt.2

We are pleased to release the names of the remaining cast for Twilightofthefreakingods.

Jake Oldershaw who has both rehearsed and performed @ A E Harris with his own company Untied Artists and with Stan’s Cafe.

Amy Taylor, who performed in The Cleansing of Constance Brown with Stan’s Cafe.

Maria-Angela Wells who has performed in both The Crucible and The Tempest in the venue as a member of Theatre Ark.

Rochi Rampal who has performed in The Voyage and The Cardinals for Stan’s Cafe at the venue as well as rehearsing there with Black Country Touring.

Rebecca Greenhalgh who appeared in Pack with Red Trouser Theatre Company and an adaptation of 1984 by 3Bugs Fringe Theatre both at the venue.

Graeme Rose who has performed his own work at the venue as part of Pilot, has appeared in the venue with Kindle and for Stan’s Cafe in The Voyage, The Cleansing of Constance Brown, Tuning Out With Radio Z and The Cardinals.

James Yarker who scrapes into this last show in the BIG @ A E Harris by dint of having appeared in the very first show there; Of All The People In All The World.

This completes the casting. Thank you to everyone who put their names forward, we’re sorry we couldn’t afford any Vassals, if we could then no one would have been left disappointed.


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