We Hackett

Saturday was a great day in which Birmingham nailed it. The Yarker team cycled through Summerfield park through autumn leave falls, wound our way to the Jewellery Quarter where we had a great fry up in the Warstone Stores which is currently our favourite caff. From there we peddled to the fantastic Library of Birmingham where we played the electric piano, and table tennis, admired the amazing views and architecture and glanced at some books. From there we wandered across the foyer to The REP and caught Ben Pacey’s engaging short animation Peregrine Bear’s Illustrated History of Bearmingham. Outside a team of motorcyclists showed off a series of spectacular jumps across Centenary Square. At Broadway Plaza we tried a bit of bowling.

Back at The REP we had a lovely time with Little Earthquakes wonderful mini-show Professor Harry Hackett’s Box of Treats. A trail of clues through the foyer lead you to a secret theatre show upstairs in which Graeme Rose delivers a wonderfully judged performance and Artistic Director Gareth Nicholls’ training in magic is deployed to spectacular effect. I’m not going to give more away but the whole piece from faux Italian popcorn seller to the grand finale are beautifully judged.

In high spirits we zipped over to Mailbox for some supper before weaving home on the pavements because we’d stayed out way longer than anticipated and all had become dark – now that is a proper way to spend a day in a Big City.

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