Thank You

Photo courtesy of Pete Ashton

Thank you to everyone who came to see Twilightofthefreakingods last week. We had a fun time and learned a lot from the show. It felt like a fitting farewell to the big space. Full credits and a selection of Graeme Braidewood‘s excellent images have just been posted up on the site. We (but mostly Craig and Jack) have spent the week cleaning up and clearing everything out. Now our attention is fully focused on The Anatomy of Melancholy, which goes back into rehearsals the week after next. Tickets for the Birmingham gig are selling well, why not join the rush? You may think you’ve already had your fill of Stan’s Cafe, but the last show had no words and this has lots; that had a smoke machine, this a lute; that had a cold auditorium and uncomfortable seats, this a warm auditorium and comfortable seats; that was performed in three spaces simultaneously so you were guaranteed to miss much, this is in one space so you’ll miss nothing; that had no 17th Century Clergy Librarians, this is written by a 17th Century Clergy Librarian.

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