Bedlam Breaks Out

I admit to not being a great fan of The Choir on BBC TV, it looks like a fun – even powerful – thing to do but I’m not fussed about having it on my TV. HOWEVER: on Friday Eve and I were privileged to see The Choir With No Name perform at the launch of Bedlam: The Festival of Mad Ideas at The REP and they were brilliant, not conventionally musically brilliant, but brilliant nonetheless. It was great to hear a large group of people who normally have no voice and are usually ignored singing out with a big crowd gathered round to hear them.

Joining The Choir with No Name were The Wellbeing Community Choir (versions of (Something Inside) So Strong have been sung a lot in our household over the weekend), Beetfreeks and representatives of Musical Connections, whilst upstairs Loudeemy Productions have their Through the Lense exhibition up. We have been talking to Warwick University about their forthcoming Commission on the Future of Cultural Value and Exhibit #1 could have been right there at The REP on Friday. It was tremendous to be in The REP, with the foyer buzzing with activity and these performances at the heart of the activity. We’re pleased that The Anatomy of Melancholy rounds off the festival. Looking at the festival program I was alarmed to realize that I am responsible for spreading misinformation. Admission to the very excellent and inspiring Anatomy of Melancholy Symposium: More or Less Happy? is £5 more expensive than I had previously suggested (it costs £5).

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