Next Monday the Independent Theatre Council will have their Annual General Meeting. It’s a great organisation, providing lobbying, training and advice on finance, management and legal matters, they negotiate recommended pay rates and provide networking opportunities. Stan’s Cafe have been members since receiving our first ever grant, thanks to the sound advice of guru Mick Yates. This is the first year I am going to the AGM and I urge other members to come along too, to show your support and get your voice heard.

I’m banging the drum as the official West Midlands Representative, but I’d bang the drum anyway and if you can’t make it but want your point to be made then tell me your point and I’ll point it or you. If you’re not a member but want your voice heard then let me hear it and I’ll see what can be done. There was a good discussion in the Summer at The West Midlands Open Space event about opening the ITC up to a wider membership via an ‘associate: ITC Lite’ scheme and I”m interested in pursuing this.

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