Thanks to Richard Battye at River Studio for allowing me to maul his photo.

Last week Eve and I were pleased to attend the official opening of Rogue Play‘s soft and warm new home. They gave us entertaining samples of all the hanging, swinging, jumping that their space encouraged and showed no sign of requiring the en suit physiotherapy/treatment room. Eventually I had to drag Eve away as it was approaching my bedtime. Their space is on Fazeley Street, they run all kinds of classes and rent their space out for rehearsals, so they are creating great OPPORTUNITIES for folk more flexible than I and seem to have a good thing going on, good luck to them.

Good luck also to B-Arts who have succeeded in getting funding for a project that encourages young people to continue using libraries once they become too old for their parents to take them. Their plan is to work with installation / digital / theatre-type artists to create an immersive pod to travel round libraries and stimulate creative throught Etc. The only flaw in the their plan is they haven’t got those artists lined up. So there are OPPORTUNTIES there. Despite chatting to them about this project in its development/application phase I have probably wildly misrepresented it, here are details of the JOB OPPORTUNITIES

Finally three OPPORTUNITIES open up simultaneously for this Sunday at Library of Birmingham as lucky folk with £15 in their pocket have the chance to point at Portishead’s Adrian Utley, listen to Terry Riley‘s seminal In C and luxuriate in the audio visual universe of our friends at Pram. Tickets Etc.

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