Cultural Value

Photo: Graeme Braidwood

Late last month, while I was keeping a longstanding appointment to play Scalextric with teachers at Washwood Heath Academy and Craig was anatomizing melancholy at Ovalhouse, Charlotte went brain to brain with the brains at the launch of The Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value (see photo). Why so? Terrifyingly Stan’s Cafe are the official Artists In Residence for the commission.

Our first duty in this position is to make something to for ‘a major London venue’ on the occasion of Robert Peston‘s provocation talk (4th February 18:00 – 20:30). Last week I zipped down to the venue in order to have a good idea. Fortunately, with five minutes to go before the good idea had to be explained to The Commission’s Chair the good idea arrived. Double fortunately the idea was indeed deemed to be good. Sometimes a bit of pressure helps clarity of thinking.

This first provocation event hasn’t

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