Crowd Dispersed

photo credit: Robert Day

The World Premiere of Crowd Out went very smoothly on Sunday. It was great to finally have the sixteen composite choirs all together and in place. David Lang the composer had flown in to experience his piece for the first time. He seemed well pleased and the singers seemed to enjoy themselves. The sound was amazing and I was privileged to hear it twice running at full throttle. I enjoyed seeing the visuals Craig and I had worked out together slotting into place, we felt it wasn’t too much and wasn’t too little. A major highlight of the whole process for me was studying the varied styles of the sixteen sub-conductors and the different relationships they had established with their contrasting choirs.

Congratulations are due to principle conductor Simon Halsey and the BCMG team for pulling together such an ambitious piece so smoothly. There are more photographs from Robert Day and links to reviews and previews on the BCMG website.

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