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We have cause some of our own agro this week at Billesley Primary School. We’re trying to rehearse a highly ambitious, original play about the Cuban Missile Crisis with 60 members of Year 6 and, because they’re Year 6 and it’s their penultimate week at primary school, there are lots of demands on their time. Lots of these demands are totally unavoidable but Billesley Radio was avoidable, in fact it was our idea.Throughout this academic year we have been visiting the school with a range of creative projects designed to enhance learning at the school. At some point each project has included the creation of a podcast. Billesley Radio is the opportunity or all these podcasts to be aired along with the children’s poetry, music, singing, storytelling, quiz setting and sports reporting. Even Year 6 have ducked out of rehearsals to contribute.

You can catch up on a full range of podcasts at Billesley Blog, I can almost guarantee you won’t find anything more engaging anywhere else on the radio. You will also no doubt agree that Iain Smith has missed his true vocation, what a great presenter/continuity announcer he makes.

With thanks to Peter Maxwell-Dixon, the man at the controls and Nick Booth for switching us on to the casting world all those years ago.

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