The jury is out. We’re sleeping on it. A good idea may have been had and an inscrutable problem may have been solved, but we have been here too many times before to be fully confident.

Today Craig and I played with Yasujiro Ozu’s oddly titled film That Night’s Wife again. Of course the actual title is Sono yo no tsuma or more correctly その夜の妻. Anyway whatever it’s called we used it as a pincer movement against a big problem. I tried just sitting and thinking, mixed with walking and thinking while Craig prepared to try ‘doing something’. In the end the stubborn problem of how to even start making the video that needs to be at the heart of our new show A Translation of Shadows seemed cracked.

A structuring idea presented itself and as of now it holds water, allows us to do everything we want to do, isn’t overcomplicated or totally banal. So we feel good. However as often when these great breakthrough ideas are returned to the next day they often reveal themselves to be total nonsense, or fatally flawed.

We will see. If it all does crumble then we’re back to the thinking, walking, trying and any other old tricks we can pull out of the ‘solving a big conceptual problem’ tool bag. Fingers crossed.

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