Will this work?

The last post on this blog mentioned a familiar ‘stationary moment’ in the devising process. Today we reached another familiar landmark, the ‘Will this work?’ question. Often our shows are predicated on a fundamental device or premise that in theory should work but has yet to be proven. Made Up is one of those shows. In theory we watch make up being applied, the two people involved chat to each other, drama ensues and there is some satisfying resonance between the make up and the drama: bingo. Having spent the last four days working up script and getting quietly confident with that, today was the first day devoted to the make up side of the show. Watching Andy teach Alexis how to transform the youthful Emily into an aged Emily I was aware that I’d been engrossed for an hour. So the two things certainly work separately. The landmark question has arrived about combining the elements “will this work?” Of course the answer is “yes”. Unfortunately the follow up question is more difficult to answer: “how?”

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