Good Things

Sometimes it happens, rarely, but sometimes it does; you get to see a whole run of shows you enjoy, one after the other. I’m privileged to currently be on one of those runs.

It started in Basel, while the rest of the team were busy performing the opening night of Of All The People In All The World, I sneaked off to listen to some speeches, chomp some canapes, say hello to some people, drink some free wine and watch Yan Duyvandak’s show Sound of Music (note no ‘The’ at the front). It’s a musical in which with the cheesy grins on their faces with often euphoric choreography the cast sing songs about what a dreadful world we live. I surprised myself, I loved it. I was in the front row. I tried to trigger a standing ovation but no one took me up on it, so I sat down again. I don’t think this video does it justice, but you’ll get a rough idea.

While I was away from Basel the others used their time off to to see as many elements of Forced Entertainment’s Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare shows. I’ve been wanting to catch them since I first hear about them, in Switzerland I was able to see Claire Marshall’s version of The Merchant of Venice and Robin Arthur’s Titus Andronicus, I loved them both just as much as I had expected to. It was a shame not to be able to see any more.

Back at home there was an invitation to see The Mandela Trilogy an opera in three acts by Capetown Opera. It was a great experience to watch, ultimately less than the sum of its parts, but something I am very pleased to have seen.

Three days later we were back at the Hippodrome in Birmingham watching the Alvin Ailey dance company. I didn’t love this as much as most of the audience, but only because I don’t think I have it within me to love ANYTHING as much as most of the audience loved this, but it was fantastic and their signature piece is at the top of this post. The dancing was exquisite, the choreography wonderful, the music was great, now I know why people I respect rant on about this company.

What’s up next? Can I keep the roll on? Let’s hope so.

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