Map Script

Today is the first day of the 2017 Time Critical tour. We are pleased to be opening up at the New Adelphi Theatre, Salford University with the show, two workshops and a post-show discussion. In addition to this I am unreasonably excited that we will also be unveiling, hot off the press, the Time Critical Map of The World.

During Time Critical the location of many world events are marked on a map using a marker pen. Last year, in order to make the map re-usable we covered it in wipe clean transparent plastic, but for various reasons this wasn’t very satisfactory. This year, outrageously, I managed to persuade everyone that it would be a fantastic idea to print multiple copies of our own map of the world so we can use a fresh map for each performance.

As this was to be our map we could have it designed especially for Time Critical. We sent it to designer Simon Ford as a ‘fun art/design challenge’ and after many sleepless nights he has returned triumphant with a beautiful print item. The map contains dozens and dozens of world events and Stan’s Cafe performances around the world all linked to their location. Flight paths and eclipses are included, it’s a fascinating thing to pore over and so detailed you always seem to find new curiosities.

Amy and Craig having rehearsed with a mock up over the last couple of weeks, today the proper maps are being delivered directly to the venue here in Salford.

We are accepting other nominations for examples of ‘Map as Script’ or ‘Script as Map’ – we’re sure ours isn’t the first but are also pretty confident that is quite unusual; the kind of idea that makes no financial sense but which as Stan’s Cafe we are morally obliged to pursue.

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