Why Buy Now?

Tickets are on sale for our new show The Capital that opens in October and although I love the purity of turning up on the night of the performance handing over folding money in exchange for a ticket and walking into the show, here I expound five brief arguments as to why this is a terrible idea.

Book now because in doing so you separate the pain of payment from the joy of consumption leaving you psychologically free to enjoy the show even more.

Book now because you will enjoy four months looking forward to seeing the show rather than four months of thinking ‘I really must get round to booking for the new Stan’s Cafe show’.

Book now because it means you will see the show. If you don’t book now your diary will fill up with other things that you will enjoy less but which can’t be moved or cancelled. Stake your claim on your own time for something that you love doing and which happens very rarely the performance of a new Stan’s Cafe show.

Book now because the show’s going to be tremendous, very popular and if it sold out you’d kick yourself for not having booked in earlier – you’ve know about if for four months after all!

Finally a reason that will be recognised by anyone who has ever put on any kind of event… Book now because good early sales generate a positive feeling around the show and positive feelings around a show create a better show.

I rest my case – here’s the link to tickets.

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