Haunted Joy Gaze

Image credits: Ed Dimsdale

Haunted joy gaze
Vital banana grip
Warm death floating
Yellow sea day

I have just repaired a link to the micro-site that helps everyone write performance texts like our Bleak Heart Driver (which appears on Pieces For The Radio Vol.1). It is fun to use; you type in four three word phrases and the site performs a beautiful little dance converting these into 16 stanzas of automatic writing, little pills of nonesense, humour, poigniancy or enigmatic menace. Give it a go, or read on to see how Vital Banana Gaze works out…

Vital banana gaze
Warm death grip
Yellow sea floating
Haunted joy day

Warm banana gaze
Yellow death grip
Haunted sea floating
Vital joy day

Yellow banana gaze
Haunted death grip
Vital sea floating
Warm joy day

Haunted death gaze
Vital sea grip
Warm joy floating
Yellow banana day

Vital death gaze
Warm sea grip
Yellow joy floating
Haunted banana day

Warm death gaze
Yellow sea grip
Haunted joy floating
Vital banana day

Yellow death gaze
Haunted sea grip
Vital joy floating
Warm banana day

Haunted sea gaze
Vital joy grip
Warm banana floating
Yellow death day

Vital sea gaze
Warm joy grip
Yellow banana floating
Haunted death day

Warm sea gaze
Yellow joy grip
Haunted banana floating
Vital death day

Yellow sea gaze
Haunted joy grip
Vital banana floating
Warm death day

Haunted joy gaze
Vital banana grip
Warm death floating
Yellow sea day

Vital joy gaze
Warm banana grip
Yellow death floating
Haunted sea day

Warm joy gaze
Yellow banana grip
Haunted death floating
Vital sea day

Yellow joy gaze
Haunted banana grip
Vital death floating
Warm sea day

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