Inside* with Billesley Primary

For a year we’ve been working with our partners at Billesley Primary School on a project called Inside*. It is designed to encourage students to think about and celebrate their identity and how they fit into society. The final element has just been concluded, Craig’s masterful Mr. Benn inspired collaboration with Year 1.

Last year Katie Rose Bennet worked with what is now Year 2 on the heartwarming ‘Hello Song’.

Mairanda Griffith worked with Year 3 who designed their own heraldic shield and turned all these into three quilts, one per class.

Craig helped last year’s Year 6 create a newspaper about themselves, the school and their neighbourhood. Gareth Courage worked with Year 5 creating a book of collages about British identity – they are going to Birmingham City University’s Illustration Department to get it bound later this year. At the end of last year and the start of this year the current Year 6 created a cereal box each imagining they were the cereal (it makes sense if you when you see them!

We’re all now considering what the celebratory event should be that concludes this project. Follow Stan’s Cafe or Billseley Primary School on social media to find out what we decide.

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