The Commentators at Moseley Folk Festival 2022

It’s that time of year again when a middle aged man’s thoughts turn to donning a sheepskin coat and broadcasting to the world all the sights and sounds of an action packed folk and arts festival ..

.The Commentators at Moseley Folk

The Commentators are delighted to have been asked back to this year’s Moseley Folk and Arts Festival. They will be there on Saturday and Sunday calling all the action from who has the most extravagant lunch to who has the most extravagant beard and pretty much everything in between. So if you can’t be there do not worry they will be working hard to make sure you don’t miss a thing (except the music which they can’t broadcast)

This year you can choose how to listen ..

Remarkably you can both see and hear them by tuning into their brand new Commentators You Tube channel . This will be like the picture above but with some moving around.

If you would prefer not to have to look at them you can just listen to their soothing but detailed words instead, here on The Commentators mixlr channel

We hope you can join them!

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